Chart of the Year – CAPE Index signals negative S&P 500 returns to 2030
20th December 2020 by

Each year, it seems there is only one candidate for Chart of the Year. And 2020 is no exception. It ...

$1.8tn of stimulus later, Japan’s household spending unchanged
11th March 2016 by

3 years of massive stimulus spending in Japan has had no impact on the problem it was supposed to so...

Auto sales slump in Japan, Brazil and Russia as China slows
17th February 2016 by

China’s slowdown is continuing to reverberate around the world.  One way of measuring this is...

Japan goes back into recession as stimulus policies fail, again
18th November 2015 by

This week’s economic data from Japan confirmed, once again, that demographic changes are far m...

Commodity price fall pushes Japan back towards deflation
23rd September 2015 by

The combination of ageing populations and declining fertility rates means the world is following the...

H1 auto sales fall 2% in Top 7 markets, as BRIJ sales drop 15%
22nd July 2015 by

Hi data for auto sales in world’s top 7 markets is confirming my suggestion last October that ...

Brazilian, Russian, Japanese auto markets continue to struggle
27th May 2015 by

Bill White’s important critique of the policies being followed by his former central bank coll...

Q1 auto sales rise just 1.9% in world’s ‘Top 7’ markets
22nd April 2015 by

Its hard to be optimistic about the outlook for the global auto market.  The chart above of the Top...

BRIJ auto markets continue to struggle
16th April 2015 by

Q1 showed little sign of improvement in the world’s second-tier auto markets – Brazil, R...

Japan’s government debt now $100k per person
3rd March 2015 by

Debt, debt, glorious debt,      Nothing quite like it for cooling the blood.      So follow...

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