BRIJ auto sales head in different directions
19th February 2015 by

There has been a lot of wishful thinking over the past 15 years about the BRIC countries (Brazil, ...

Deflation gains: China’s plastics market sees over-capacity
11th February 2015 by

More and more commentators are beginning to recognise that deflation is becoming inevitable in man...

Oil price fall set to push Japan back into deflation
3rd November 2014 by

Could Japan actually go bankrupt at some point in the future?  This was the question left hanging i...

Global auto sales reach ‘top of the mountain’ moment
30th October 2014 by

The best view is always from the top of the mountain.  And that seems where we are today in global ...

Global stock markets still depend on low-cost money for support
12th September 2014 by

The blog’s 6-monthly review of global stock markets highlights the narrow nature of the advanc...

Auto sales on roller-coaster ride in Japan, Russia, Brazil, India
29th August 2014 by

Car sales in Japan, Russia, Brazil and India currently account for just under 1 in 5 of global sale...

India’s WTO veto marks end of global trade deals
15th August 2014 by

The Cycle of Deflation has taken another lurch forward.  The reason was India’s decision to v...

Central banks have created a debt-fuelled ‘ring of fire’
3rd June 2014 by

A new article by an IMF economist makes the point that in April 2008, not a single one of the mainst...

Japan’s debt now $80k for every man, woman and child
28th March 2014 by

Question:  Why will Starbucks reduce the menu price for its venti green-tea frappucino in Japan n...

“Bad news barrage sinks New Year consensus”
10th February 2014 by

Markets stopped operating in their true role of providing price discovery sometime ago.  Instead, t...

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