Chemicals and the Economy

Slowing markets underline failure of central bank policies
3rd December 2012 by

As we approach year-end, it is interesting to review performance of the blog’s 3 benchmark pro...

Central bankers fail to learn the Wellington lesson
13th September 2012 by

‘Masterly inactivity’ was Wellington’s policy in his successful European wars agai...

Spain’s economy in “extreme difficulty”
7th April 2012 by

Some things are too ‘obvious’ for highly-paid professionals in the financial world to ac...

Oil prices remain in their triangle
27th October 2011 by

A year ago, Petromatrix highlighted the short-term ‘triangle’ that was being drawn by oi...

US polymer demand slows as consumers cut back
31st August 2011 by

The above chart, from the invaluable American Chemistry Council (ACC) weekly report, highlights the ...

US Fed policy may be going Back to the Future
18th August 2011 by

Today’s 419 point fall on the Dow Jones Average, and $6/bbl fall in WTI crude oil prices, may ...

Selling the Rallies
5th July 2011 by

There was a sustained rise in the number of wealthy Western BabyBoomers entering their peak consumpt...

Speculators begin to leave crude oil markets
29th June 2011 by

Speculators, assisted by the US Federal Reserve, have driven crude oil prices to unsustainable level...

Bernanke says no QE3 planned
9th June 2011 by

The chairman of the US Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke, has issued a sober update on the current state...

The crude oil mania has its own illusion
12th April 2011 by

The blog spent much of 2007/8 warning of the likely impact of high oil prices on chemical demand. It...

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