Biden’s Earth Day Summit puts plastics recycling on the fast track
25th April 2021 by

Plastics has long been the ‘odd one out’ in terms of recycling. Steel, aluminium, glass,...

Polyethylene’s crisis will create Winners and Losers
8th December 2019 by

Polyethylene markets (PE) are moving into a crisis, with margins in NE Asia already negative, as I h...

US-China tariffs could lead to global Polyethylene price war
8th July 2018 by

I was interviewed on Friday about the likely impact of President Trump’s trade wars on the glo...

US ethylene prices near all-time lows as over-capacity arrives
13th May 2018 by

US ethylene spot prices are tumbling as the major new shale gas expansions come on line, as the char...

Populism rises as global dynamics drive market shifts
30th November 2016 by

We are living in a New Normal world.  Populists such as Nigel Farage, Donald Trump, Marine le Pen a...

Chemical capacity utilisation continues to weaken
6th January 2016 by

Capacity Utilisation (CU%) is the best measure we have for the current state of the global chemical ...

US polyethylene and PVC exporters focus on margin, not volume
2nd December 2013 by

2013 has seen 3 types of markets develop for the blog’s IeC Downturn Monitor portfolio as the...

Crude oil’s slide puts markets under pressure
15th April 2013 by

Crude oil markets long ago lost their role of price discovery. Since early 2009, they have instead b...

Prices rise whilst demand falls
13th August 2012 by

The blog is extremely concerned about recent market developments. Nobody minds higher prices, if the...

Computers push oil prices higher, again
6th August 2012 by

Trading volumes in financial markets are very low these days. Many ordinary investors are on holiday...

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