EU auto sales stagnate as unemployment remains near record
27th June 2014 by

The good news about EU auto sales, as the chart shows, is that they have stabilised above last year&...

US chemicals slip back into Contraction mode as cycle peaks
11th April 2014 by

The above chart from the excellent American Chemistry Council (ACC) weekly report may look a bit baf...

US incomes decline as job participation rate drops
11th February 2014 by

There are two ways to approach last Friday’s monthly release of the US jobs figures: One is th...

Decline in women’s earnings hits household budgets
24th September 2013 by

The blog’s latest post for the Financial Times FT Data blog is below. September 20, 2013 2:47 pm b...

US employment growth, disposable income, weaken again
7th August 2013 by

June has typically been the seasonal peak for US employment.  July’s data continued this tren...

US employment ‘surprise’ confirms computers lack commonsense
8th April 2013 by

Last week saw more evidence that recent weakness in chemical markets mirrors developments in the glo...

October’s demand begins to disappoint
8th October 2012 by

October is usually one of the 4 strongest months for demand, alongside January, March and May. This ...

US job numbers still below 2008 levels
8th August 2012 by

The US jobs market remains very fragile. That seems to be the key message from last week’s mon...

US job news shows demographics slowing demand
8th May 2012 by

Friday’s weak US jobs report seemed to surprise most of those Wall Street analysts who are sup...

US job vacancy rates worse than in 1970s and 1980s
19th April 2012 by

The above slide appears to be a series of random lines, at first glance. But it comes from an import...

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