Growth in US jobs and disposable income no longer following historical trends
7th February 2012 by

Short-term pressures have come to dominate financial markets in recent years. In turn, they have bec...

Boom/Gloom Index suggests downturn resuming
6th September 2011 by

A recession is often defined as being when your neighbour loses their job. A depression is when you ...

September key for wider economic outlook
5th September 2011 by

Chemical markets are traditionally 6 months ahead of the wider economy, as they are so focused on co...

US consumers focus on needs, not wants
13th July 2011 by

Luxury stores are doing well around the world. The great central bank lending sprees have ensured up...

Young populations lead social unrest in MENA
1st March 2011 by

Revolution and unrest have many causes. Very often, as now in the Middle East and N Africa (MENA), t...

Unemployment hits US auto sales in 2010
10th January 2011 by

As the chart shows, December’s US auto sales (orange line) were the highest monthly level sinc...

EU unemployment remains at 10%
1st September 2010 by

EU governments have spent enormous sums of money to support the economy over the past year. Yet in t...

US consumer demand growth stalls
9th August 2010 by

The American Chemistry Council has recently updated its invaluable work on US polymer chain inventor...

Western retailers rely on luxury or budget sales
15th June 2010 by

Consumer spending, particularly in the developed economies, is critical to the chemical industry. An...

China focuses on domestic issues, risks US anger
12th June 2010 by

China is a very difficult country for foreigners to understand. The blog suspects that the best appr...

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