You’ve seen the Great Unwinding; get ready for the Great Reckoning
31st August 2016 by

Companies and investors now need to prepare for the Great Reckoning, as I describe in my latest post...

Risks rise for global economy as chemical capacity surplus grows
29th August 2016 by

“The Federal Reserve Needs New Thinking.  Its models are unreliable, its policies erratic and...

US pensioners pay the price for Fed’s monetary policy failure
19th August 2016 by

There was one bit of good news this week.  For the first time since the financial crisis began, a G...

Bank of England’s new stimulus policy creates bankruptcy risk for corporate pension funds
12th August 2016 by

The Western BabyBoomers (born between 1946-70), have been one of the luckiest generations in history...

Boom/Gloom Index suggests volatile August may lie ahead
3rd August 2016 by

It may be an idea to keep your smartphone charged and within reach, if you are planning a trip to th...

13m missing American workers highlight economic slowdown
8th June 2016 by

There’s something very wrong with the US jobs market, as the slide above confirms.  Commentat...

Surplus chemical industry capacity reaches 26% as demand slows
30th May 2016 by

Global demand is continuing to slow, yet chemical industry capacity is continuing to ramp up.  As a...

Restocking boosts Q1 margins for chemical companies
18th May 2016 by

Thank goodness for Janet Yellen, and China’s provincial governments.  That was clearly invest...

Oil market speculators profit as central banks hand out free cash
21st March 2016 by

Oil markets are entering a very dangerous phase.  Already, many US energy companies have gone bankr...

“Debt-financed growth model has reached its limits”, admits German finance minister
29th February 2016 by

Central bank policy-making is becoming more and more dysfunctional, as German Finance Minister Wolfg...

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