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Clock is ticking on MiFID II

Time is running out for energy companies that have to work out if they will be included or exempted by upcoming financial rules that will make some of them operate like banks. The European Commission in December published long-awaited rules on the two tests that energy firms will have to carry out to see if […]

Should the EU get tough on the gas network codes?

Following the recent publication of the EU Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators’ (ACER) annual reports on the implementation of two of the five gas network codes, it has become clear to some in the European gas industry that, at this stage, the EU’s vision of a single energy market is still something of […]

2016 – for LNG it was the year that wasn’t

The long-awaited surge of new global LNG production has not led to the widely-expected and sustained oversupply in the market, at least so far in 2016. The expected end of European reloads as a result of more production starting up in both Atlantic and Pacific basins has also not come to pass. ICIS spot prices […]

Ballast bonuses sink shipping activity

The cancellation of two planned LNG vessel charters in Europe this week shows that it’s becoming harder and harder to get hold of an LNG carrier at the right price in the Atlantic Basin. Danish energy company DONG and Swiss trader Glencore were both in discussions with ship owners about chartering vessels for reloads in […]

This winter it really is about the weather

The cliche about weather driving energy prices, in particular on European gas and Asian LNG, is just as relevant this year as ever before. A mild weather with no extended periods of freezing cold in Europe could see forward gas prices steadily ease down despite fears over a lack of gas storage in the UK […]

Gas market link-ups in the Balkans are high on this summer’s agenda

South east European gas markets represent something of a ‘final frontier’ for energy companies and politicians alike, the former seeking out new business opportunities and the latter trying to promote greater security of supply and competitiveness. This summer several developments have turned the spotlight back onto the area, dangling the promise of greater gas interconnectivity […]

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