Yahoo switch an example of increased fragmentation to come
5th August 2016 by

Friday 5 August will be the end of an era for energy traders that have relied on the Yahoo messenger...

Take the city of Oxford to space, and other things you can do with the £33bn Hinkley Point subsidy pot
3rd August 2016 by

Energy news, often confined to the inside pages of UK national newspapers, led the front pages last ...

Just how Rough will UK gas supply be this winter?
27th July 2016 by

News that Britain’s largest natural gas storage site Rough could be out of action for the coming w...

Northwest Europe is a surprisingly important source of LNG
21st July 2016 by

The content of my conversations with LNG traders and ship brokers has changed in recent months with ...

European Commission’s drafting feedback tool a win for transparency
15th July 2016 by

The launch of the European Commission’s new public feedback tool is a much-needed step forward for...

Brexit and UK energy investment – how long before the dust will settle?
5th July 2016 by

Following on from my colleague Fionn O’Raghallaigh’s excellent blog post on Brexit and financial...

Brexit vote muddies the financial regulation waters for energy traders
27th June 2016 by

The Monday after the Friday before, and what the UK electorate’s decision for Brexit means is stil...

Squaring the circle of Nord Stream 2
24th June 2016 by

The planned Nord Stream extension continues to generate vigorous debate, showing the difficulty of m...

Stricter energy market abuse rules to apply from 3 July
14th June 2016 by

In less than one month, energy trading across all European countries will be subject to stricter tr...

Advice for politicians touting security of supply: be practical
13th June 2016 by

A common theme was bandied about the stage at Gas Infrastructure Europe’s annual conference in Sof...

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