No North Sea, no problem
3rd June 2016 by

The dramatic decline of oil prices over the past couple of years has led to the re-evaluation of inv...

An easing of the financial burden, perhaps
31st May 2016 by

Energy traders, generally, have been arguing their case for why they should not be regulated under t...

LNG in the Med and topsy-turvy price trends
27th May 2016 by

Observers of the French and Spanish gas markets over the last few months cannot have failed to note ...

Commission’s about-turn reassures gas shippers
25th May 2016 by

The European Commission’s latest update to EU gas capacity allocation mechanism laws is an encoura...

Part economics, part politics – the role of LNG in Europe
23rd May 2016 by

The flood of LNG into Europe, expected by many commentators, has yet to appear. But deliveries are l...

Wire we waiting?
20th May 2016 by

In an event that went largely unnoticed save for a select handful of expert news services – ICIS i...

Panama Canal expansion trials in June but what about LNG?
8th April 2016 by

A vessel will trial the newly-expanded Panama Canal from 27 June as part of the project which will c...

Time for a dose of realism in designing financial regulation
6th April 2016 by

It is interesting to think the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) planned to start accepting f...

Project delays: When the line between parody and reality blurs, it’s time to make a decision
5th April 2016 by

Energy can be a dry topic. Sometimes, if I tell new people I’m an energy journalist a now-familiar...

The oil-gas (dis)connection
28th March 2016 by

Oil and other commodity markets rallied in early March, but a key support factor behind the rise was...

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