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LNG spreads tighten, Gulf braces for storm

Spot LNG prices held below $5.00/MMBtu in the four weeks from mid-June to mid-July on the back of continued strong supply in the global market. However, spreads between regions were tightening up in the middle of July as European gas prices strengthened on the back of Norwegian maintenance outages. Meanwhile, the approach of Tropical Storm […]

Spot LNG falls, but tensions in Gulf

Spot LNG prices remained low around the world in mid-June, prompting continued speculation over whether US producers might cut back output later this year to re-balance the market. New projects continue to come into operation, including the loading of the first cargo from Australia’s 3.6 million tonnes per annum (mtpa) Prelude facility and the start-up […]

ICIS View: Groningen residents’ gain is Europe’s loss

As the bill to cut production from the Netherlands’ giant Groningen field makes its way through the Dutch halls of power, the challenges of implementing it are becoming increasingly apparent. Traders want greater clarity on how fast production will fall, particularly in the coming gas year. Big industrial customers forced to convert infrastructure for use with imported […]

Just how Rough will UK gas supply be this winter?

News that Britain’s largest natural gas storage site Rough could be out of action for the coming winter sent shock waves through the NBP market. The announcement has ramifications not just in Britain, but throughout northwest Europe due to the influence of the NBP. So how much does Britain actually rely on Rough to supply […]

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