Futures markets, US shale, the big winners from OPEC meeting
7th December 2016 by

There were only two winners from the past 3 months of OPEC’s “Will they?, Won’t th...

China has burst the commodities superbubble
30th September 2015 by

China’s New Normal policies are taking global commodity markets in a new direction, as I descr...

Oil markets begin to slide as Great Unwinding resumes
7th July 2015 by

Oil prices have fallen around $5/bbl, since my suggestion last week that a “New oil price fall...

Markets pause for breath as oil traders enjoy upstream volatility
16th February 2015 by

There are some signs of a recovery in some markets, but the overall picture is still very quiet for ...

Oil prices jump 20% in 2 days in SuperBowl weekend coup
9th February 2015 by

An astonishing coup appears to have begun 10 days ago, in the last 45 minutes of trading in US oil ...

August highlights
4th September 2014 by

Many readers have been taking a well-earned break over the past few weeks.   As usual, therefore, ...

Oil prices break out of their triangle – downwards
27th August 2014 by

The Great Unwinding of the central banks stimulus policies is underway, as discussed last week.  Oi...

US oil inventories hit record high as supply increases
30th April 2014 by

Imagine that 5 years ago, you had been asked by your Board to forecast future oil prices.  And supp...

Oil prices vulnerable to China property market fall
9th April 2014 by

Oil futures markets are a wonderful thing, in theory.  They are supposed to enable price discovery,...

Cotton prices slip as US supply rises and China’s imports fall
21st March 2014 by

It seems that cotton prices are about to return to normal levels again.  The blog’s detailed...

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