High-frequency trading continues to take markets higher
16th October 2013 by

The blog was very pleased to see the Nobel Prize awarded jointly to Robert Shiller, whose words of w...

Aluminium warehouse changes threaten caustic soda sales
18th July 2013 by

Strong aluminium markets have provided great support to caustic soda producers in recent years.  PV...

Oil markets risk rapid repricing – Part 1
7th May 2013 by

Since 1900, as the chart shows, oil prices have never been so high for so long as now. Until 2003, t...

High frequency trading causes another mini-crash
30th April 2013 by

Do any blog readers routinely trade on the basis of Twitter comments? Or more specifically, do any t...

Aluminium prices rise as stocks reach record levels
21st March 2013 by

The blog was with the mining industry last week, when giving the keynote speech on The Impact of the...

Commodities supercycle myth enters the end-game
6th December 2012 by

If something seems to be ‘too good to be true’, then it usually is. This may be the lear...

Polyester markets head for crisis as cotton prices crash
14th November 2012 by

Cotton prices, as the chart shows, have returned to the 50c-70c/lb range that has dominated since 19...

US oil inventories remain near record levels
15th August 2012 by

Once upon a time, financial markets reflected supply and demand balances. Some players, the speculat...

Q3 results show companies cautious over the outlook
12th November 2011 by

6 months ago, when reporting Q1 results, the blog strongly disagreed with the rosy outlook being off...

EU’s PE industry could benefit from cluster strategy
10th November 2011 by

Europe’s polyethylene (PE) trade presents a fascinating patchwork, based on its geographic and...

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