Oil market supply/demand finally begins to matter again as commodity funds withdraw
11th September 2017 by

Its been a long time since oil market supply/demand was based on physical barrels rather than financ...

Oil heads back below $30/bbl as hedge funds give up on OPEC
10th July 2017 by

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it“. George Santayana 9 mont...

Oil price weakness will unmask reflation and recovery myth
15th June 2017 by

Oil markets have been at the centre of the recent myth that economic recovery was finally underway. ...

Oil prices under pressure as US oil/product exports ramp up
18th May 2017 by

On Monday, I discussed how OPEC abandoned Saudi Oil Minister Naimi’s market share strategy dur...

US Permian’s shale oil surge highlights OPEC’s failed strategy
15th May 2017 by

OPEC and Russia made a massive mistake last November when when they decided to try and establish a $...

Oil market rebalancing myth looks close to its sell-by date
24th April 2017 by

The myth of oil market rebalancing has been a great money-maker for financial markets.  Hedge funds...

Oil prices could halve as the speculative bubble starts to burst
23rd March 2017 by

The past few weeks have been a nightmare for the many hedge funds who gambled on higher oil prices. ...

Speculators’ tail wags oil market dog as paper trading dominates
2nd February 2017 by

Trading oil markets used to be hard work. You had to talk to all the major players all the time (not...

OPEC’s oil output gamble set to face reality as speculative buying peaks
16th January 2017 by

Oil prices, and those of natural gas, have been on a wild ride over the past year, as the chart conf...

OPEC move supports US oil production rise, and smart meters
14th December 2016 by

OPEC is living in the past with its recent announcement of new quotas. The simple fact is that the a...

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