Rising interest rates, volatile exchange rates, high oil prices and plastic waste challenge aromatics industry
18th October 2018 by

Fears are rising about the risks of recession, as I discuss in a new one-page summary of the key iss...

Anti-pollution drive hits China’s role as global growth engine
4th December 2017 by

China is no longer seeking ‘growth at any cost’, with global implications, as I describe...

Populism rises as global dynamics drive market shifts
30th November 2016 by

We are living in a New Normal world.  Populists such as Nigel Farage, Donald Trump, Marine le Pen a...

Outlook for the global aromatics industry – insights from senior executives at Amsterdam Conference
26th August 2015 by

Aromatics markets often lead petrochemical markets, and provide good insight into economic trends. ...

US markets see Happy Days again
20th January 2014 by

New Year optimism over the economic outlook is breaking out all over the USA.   Weak employment n...

Benzene markets suggest BabyBoomer growth will not reappear
20th November 2013 by

Benzene has always been one of the blog’s favourite leading indicators for the global economy....

Benzene highlights rising risks in financial markets
4th November 2013 by

The blog is busy preparing its presentations for its World Aromatics and Derivatives Conference late...

Shell, Bayer, Tullow to speak at World Aromatics conference
17th October 2013 by

Next month’s World Aromatics and Derivatives Conference in Brussels has a range of top-name sp...

Prices rise whilst demand falls
13th August 2012 by

The blog is extremely concerned about recent market developments. Nobody minds higher prices, if the...

Computers push oil prices higher, again
6th August 2012 by

Trading volumes in financial markets are very low these days. Many ordinary investors are on holiday...

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