2012 Budgets
15th October 2011 by

The blog will publish its fifth annual Budget Outlook next weekend. As usual, it is therefore time t...

EPCA attendees worry about China slowdown
8th October 2011 by

China was understandably a key item on most people’s minds at this week’s annual EPCA (E...

US housing markets could weaken further
4th December 2010 by

US housing was the prime cause of the current financial crisis. US banks spent most of the 2000-7 pe...

“Impatience can ruin a whole life”
8th September 2010 by

Anyone running a chemical company knows that the benefits of certain key decisions can take years to...

5 tips for surviving a period of deflation
10th August 2010 by

The blog has been revisiting the Bank of England’s 2008 analysis of the likely impact of the f...

The blog’s 3rd birthday
5th July 2010 by

The blog continues to go from strength to strength. It is now read in 130 countries and 3680 cities,...

“The name is Bond, Japanese Government Bond”
14th June 2010 by

The blog, an old-fashioned romantic, has always thought that flowers were the way to woo a lady. But...

US job losses hold back consumer spending
7th February 2010 by

SOURCE: WWW.CHARTOFTHEDAY.COMUS consumers were responsible for 16% of total world GDP in 2008. But t...

UK to tax bankers’ bonuses
7th December 2009 by

UK Finance Minister Alistair Darling is widely reported today as being about to announce a ‘su...

Chemical production stabilises as destocking ends
26th July 2009 by

The excellent weekly report from the American Chemistry Council (ACC) has a number of interesting in...

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