Interesting Quotes (7)
14th April 2014 by

Every now and then, somebody in a senior position says something that really deserves to be noticed....

China’s slowdown accelerates as IOUs substitute for credit
7th April 2014 by

The end of Q1 seems a good moment to look back at the position of the benchmark markets in the IeC D...

Sentiment weakens as US stock markets wait for more QE
3rd March 2014 by

Sentiment, as measured by the IeC Boom/Gloom Index has weakened considerably over the past 3 months ...

“Reservations are no longer necessary at many high-end restaurants”
24th February 2014 by

Think back a moment to September 16 2008.  Newly released transcripts analysed by the Wall Street ...

Global auto industry sales growth depends on China
29th January 2014 by

Autos remain the world’s largest manufacturing industry, and the single biggest source of dema...

“Disaster is still some way off” for Cyprus, as Germany prepares to vote
5th September 2013 by

Back in April, the blog suggested that capital controls might remain for rather longer in Cyprus tha...

Investors pay Switzerland to borrow from them
18th August 2012 by

2 years ago, Italy was paying 3.82% to borrow for 10 years (red column). Spain was paying 4.11%. The...

‘Moving forward in volatile times’ the motto for H2
16th August 2012 by

The chemical industry has a long track record as a leading indicator for the global economy. Its pos...

EU banks cut lending to the PIIGS by 23% of GDP
5th May 2012 by

On 7 September 2008, in its now famous warning that a financial crisis was imminent, the blog noted ...

“This is far worse than the banking crisis of 2008”
9th November 2011 by

Long-standing readers will remember that then-UK Finance Minister Alastair Darling was the first Wes...

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