“They may ring their bells now, before long they will be wringing their hands”
15th March 2020 by

The wisdom of Sir Robert Walpole, the UK’s first premier, seems the only possible response to ...

China GDP reports remain “man-made and therefore unreliable”
26th June 2014 by

The blog got 54.8m results from Google when it entered the phrase “China GDP” this week...

China’s earthquake opens fault-lines in debt-fuelled ‘ring of fire’
19th June 2014 by

We can all hope that China’s ‘collateral trade’ turns out not to be as big a probl...

China’s commodity imports have financed its property bubble
17th June 2014 by

Today, the blog launches a major new Research Note in the ‘Your Compass on China’ series...

Prime Beijing house prices drop 40% since December
4th June 2014 by

China’s property market is the epicentre of the global debt bubble discussed yesterday.  It ...

China’s PTA, PVC exports jump as it moves to preserve jobs
26th May 2014 by

To assume, as they say is “to make an ass out of u and me”.  That was certainly the cas...

China auto sales depend on lending and property bubble
22nd May 2014 by

The above chart is the blog’s simple guide to forecasting China’s auto sales.  We know ...

China’s PE imports jump 26% as credit bubble peaks
6th May 2014 by

Strange things are happening in China’s polyethylene (PE) market, as the chart shows: Imports...

China’s polyester market flashes red warning signals
28th April 2014 by

China’s polyester market seems to be trying to tell us something quite important about the rea...

Free China outlook webinar on Wednesday
20th April 2014 by

The blog’s recent Research Note on the likely impact of China’s economic reforms has at...

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