Chemicals and the Economy

US tax cuts will fail as Trump’s demographic deficit replaces Reagan’s demographic dividend
6th November 2017 by

No country in the world now has a top quality pension system.  That’s the conclusion from the...

The Great Reckoning for policymakers’ failures has begun
16th October 2017 by

Next week, I will publish my annual Budget Outlook, covering the 2018-2020 period. The aim, as alway...

Baby boomers’ spending decline has hit demand and inflation
21st September 2017 by

The Financial Times has kindly printed my letter below, wondering why the US Federal Reserve still ...

Political risk and interest rates rise in US, UK and Japan, as debt and dysfunctionality grow
17th July 2017 by

It was almost exactly 10 years ago that then Citibank boss, Chuck Prince, unintentionally highlighte...

Chemical industry downturn challenges stock market optimism
5th June 2017 by

Stock markets used to be a reliable indicator for the global economy, and for national economies. Bu...

Debt, demographics set to destroy Trump’s GDP growth dream
1st May 2017 by

Unsurprisingly, Friday’s US GDP report showed Q1 growth was just 0.7%, as the New York Times r...

Ageing boomers are no longer spending
27th April 2017 by

The Financial Times has kindly printed my letter below, suggesting that President Trump’s focu...

US GDP growth stalls with participation rates near all-time low
10th April 2017 by

US GDP growth is slowing, again, as the chart of the Atlanta Federal Reserve’s “GDP Now&...

Recession the base case scenario for 2017
9th January 2017 by

It is hard to be optimistic about the outlook for 2017. The good news is that policymakers are fina...

Interest rate and US$ surge mark start of the Great Reckoning
21st November 2016 by

The bond market vigilantes are back.  And they clearly don’t like what they are seeing.  Tha...

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