China’s commodity imports have financed its property bubble
17th June 2014 by

Today, the blog launches a major new Research Note in the ‘Your Compass on China’ series...

Prime Beijing house prices drop 40% since December
4th June 2014 by

China’s property market is the epicentre of the global debt bubble discussed yesterday.  It ...

China’s PTA, PVC exports jump as it moves to preserve jobs
26th May 2014 by

To assume, as they say is “to make an ass out of u and me”.  That was certainly the cas...

China auto sales depend on lending and property bubble
22nd May 2014 by

The above chart is the blog’s simple guide to forecasting China’s auto sales.  We know ...

London house price bubble hits the record books
20th May 2014 by

The UK no longer leads the world in soccer, as next month’s World Cup will confirm.  But it c...

Free China outlook webinar on Wednesday
20th April 2014 by

The blog’s recent Research Note on the likely impact of China’s economic reforms has at...

China’s slowdown accelerates as IOUs substitute for credit
7th April 2014 by

The end of Q1 seems a good moment to look back at the position of the benchmark markets in the IeC D...

Local buyers priced out of London housing market
6th March 2014 by

Most people, if they are lucky, never get to see a property bubble during their lives.  But those o...

UK tinkers with higher pension ages, ignores impact on GDP
5th March 2014 by

Many readers have asked to see how the UK economy is being impacted by its ageing population, follow...

US PVC exports fail to grow in 2013, despite shale gas boost
25th February 2014 by

Trade data for net US PVC exports seems to be trying to tell us something very important about the c...

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