Income and age will determine American’s future housing needs
2nd October 2013 by

Affordability is the key factor in today’s markets.  And nowhere is this more true than in US...

One in three US adults now in the New Old 55+ generation
28th September 2013 by

“Its only when the tide goes out that you learn who’s been swimming naked.”  We may soon ...

Bank of England boosts UK house prices as foreign buyers flood into central London
17th August 2013 by

Last week saw new Bank of England governor, Mark Carney, follow the lead of US Fed Chairman Ben B...

US housing starts stumble as rental demand weakens
25th July 2013 by

US housing is core to the US economy.  And as the US economy is 22% of the global economy, developm...

Underwater mortgages temporarily support US house prices
6th June 2013 by

US investors are continuing to excite themselves over the potential for a re-run of the sub-prime ho...

90% of new US mortgage bonds now government guaranteed
1st May 2013 by

It would be nice to believe that a sustained recovery was now underway in the US housing market. But...

Aging US BabyBoomers mean new home boom unlikely
2nd April 2013 by

Is a recovery underway in the US housing market? Investors on Wall Street certainly think so. One ov...

US house prices unlikely to drive economic recovery
6th February 2013 by

When ‘everybody knows’ something, experience has taught the blog to become very suspicio...

UK housing markets approach their Minsky Moment
10th November 2012 by

The UK housing market has led a charmed life in recent years. Unlike the US, Spain, Ireland and many...

China increases lending as leadership talks continue
18th September 2012 by

It has been obvious for most of this year that China’s economy is in trouble. As the blog wrot...

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