Welcome to the New Normal – a look ahead to 2030
1st November 2020 by

10 years ago, I took a look ahead at what we could expect in the next decade, as discussed last week...

The New Normal for global industry
31st May 2020 by

The global chemical industry is the third largest sector in the world behind agriculture and energy,...

The End of “Business as Usual”
21st April 2019 by

In my interview for Real Vision earlier this month, (where the world’s most successful invest...

CEOs need new business models amid downturn
14th January 2019 by

Many indicators are now pointing towards a global downturn in the economy, along with paradigm shif...

London house prices slip as supply/demand balances change
22nd July 2018 by

London house prices are “falling at the fastest rate in almost a decade” according to m...

Hurricane Harvey: lack of insurance will hit Houston’s recovery
4th September 2017 by

“By Monday, the third straight day of flooding, the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey had left muc...

US home-ownership returns to 1960’s levels
11th May 2016 by

US home ownership is back at levels seen briefly in the mid-1980s, and before that in the mid-1960s....

US housing sees major change as middle-market is squeezed
30th July 2015 by

US house prices have recovering for 3 years, as the chart from the Wall Street Journal confirms.  I...

Yellen offers hostage to fortune on US growth
21st July 2015 by

Previous chairs of the US Federal Reserve had a poor record when it came to forecasting key events: ...

US housing markets weaken as home ownership levels fade
25th February 2015 by

Data over the past month continues to confirm my fears that the US housing recovery is going into re...

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