Hurricane Harvey: lack of insurance will hit Houston’s recovery
4th September 2017 by

“By Monday, the third straight day of flooding, the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey had left muc...

US home-ownership returns to 1960’s levels
11th May 2016 by

US home ownership is back at levels seen briefly in the mid-1980s, and before that in the mid-1960s....

US housing sees major change as middle-market is squeezed
30th July 2015 by

US house prices have recovering for 3 years, as the chart from the Wall Street Journal confirms.  I...

Yellen offers hostage to fortune on US growth
21st July 2015 by

Previous chairs of the US Federal Reserve had a poor record when it came to forecasting key events: ...

US housing markets weaken as home ownership levels fade
25th February 2015 by

Data over the past month continues to confirm my fears that the US housing recovery is going into re...

Oil price collapse will likely end recovery in US housing starts
23rd January 2015 by

We now have full US Census Bureau data for housing starts in 2014, which shows: Starts returned to t...

US home ownership back at 1995 level as decline continues
19th December 2014 by

  Conventional wisdom seemed to think the US housing report was positive this week.  But analy...

US housing fraud rises as first-time buyers priced out of market
4th December 2014 by

Signs of stress seem to be appearing in the US housing market once more.  Thus the Wall Street Jour...

China becomes major PVC, PTA exporter for first time in history
28th October 2014 by

Be very careful what you wish for.  That is the key message coming out of close analysis of China&#...

Qingdao probe the ‘straw on the camel’s back’ for world markets
18th June 2014 by

The blog’s new Research Note in the ‘Your Compass on China’ series highlights the way tha...

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