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South Korea’s Demographic Challenges

By John Richardson

SOUTH Korea serves as another example of how demographics are reshaping Asian economic prospects.

“By 2018, 14% of its population will be over 65, making it officially an ‘aged society.’ That is six years sooner than Japan …

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Weak PE Margins Reflect Big Picture

By John Richardson

BEFORE we look at last week’s political handover in China in more detail tomorrow, while on Friday we will return to our theme of Asian demographics, the above slide illustrates what the big picture has meant for …

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Asian Demographics Change Demand Patterns

THIS blog was once criticised for devoting too much time to the big picture – e.g. politics, economics and demographics – one of the major themes of our free e-book, Boom, Gloom & The New Normal.

We beg to differ. …

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China Leadership Challenges

Xi Jinping, China’s likely new president

KeystoneUSA-ZUMA/Rex Features

By John Richardson

The make-up of China’s new politburo will be announced during the 18th Party Congress, which starts on 8 November.

But don’t expect confirmation of the new leadership team to do …

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Foxconn And China Demographics

Source: http://www.engadget.com/2012/09/23/foxconn-taiyuan-riot/


By John Richardson

THE riots and a strike at Foxconn factories in China point to demographic changes that have major implications for the country’s economy.

China’s one-child policy means that it can no longer depend on a …

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No More Of This…

By John Richardson

THE big hope is that once China returns from its National Holidays (1-7 October), petrochemicals markets will enjoy a big and sustainable recovery.

It is not going to happen.

Throughout this year, the hope has been that the …

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BBC News Warns On China’s Demographic Crisis

A major new report from BBC News suggests that “China’s economic model is in danger” due to its rapidly ageing population.

It reaches exactly the same conclusions as in our Boom, Gloom and the New Normal ebook. Chapter 6, published …

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China And Demographics

OUR last four blog posts have focused on some of the big challenges confronting China’s economy over the next 12-18 months.

Today we again switch our focus to how major changes in demographics could adversely impact longer-term growth prospects.


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The Water Challenge

Source of picture: BBC


By John Richardson

By 2050, the world’s 10 biggest river basins by population are expected to produce a quarter of global GDP, according to a report commissioned by HSBC, which was released in June.

The …

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Dictating Chemicals Demand



By John Richardson

SOME commodity chemicals companies still assume that, if they build new supply, demand will always eventually catch up with supply.

The risks of not building new capacities, at times of easy financing and feedstock availability, …

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