Sinopec And The Blog’s Favourite Triangle
26th April 2013 by

By John Richardson ONE of Sinopec’s subsidiaries, Shanghai Petrochemical, has weighed-in to th...

China’s Cancer Villages
23rd April 2013 by

Source of picture: Wikispaces.   By John Richardson CHINA has as many as 400 “cancer vill...

When Lower Growth Is Good News
17th April 2013 by

  Beijing Life on the left, with lower growth, or life on the right with a higher GDP numb...

Managing China’s Middle Income Aspirations
15th April 2013 by

Finding a way through…. Traffic in Shanghai. Picture: Rex Features   By John Richardson W...

China’s New Expectations
10th April 2013 by

By John Richardson THE difficulties of life in modern-day China was evident from several conversatio...

Coal-To-Chemicals Funding Clampdown
2nd April 2013 by

By John Richardson Coal-to-chemicals is one of nine major industrial sectors that the China Banking ...

China NPC Meeting: Quality Over Quantity
1st March 2013 by

China’s National People’s Congress Source of picture: Rex Features   By John Richar...

China Coal-To-Olefins Storm In A Teacup?
22nd February 2013 by

  : Source: NRELC, China Coal Research Institute, HSBC estimates   By John Richardson THER...

China’s Environmental Balancing Act
23rd January 2013 by

A woman wearing a mask looks across the Pudong on 16 January this year Source of picure: Zuma/Rex Fe...

Beijing Smog Highlights Reform Agenda
15th January 2013 by

Picture: HAP/Quirky China News/Rex Features   By John Richardson THE toxic smog that enveloped ...

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