US Petchems Face Competing Gas Interests
17th December 2012 by

By John Richardson A MAJOR political battle is taking place in the US over the future of the booming...

Demographics And Saudi Arabia
27th November 2012 by

Source of picture: Wikimedia Commons By John Richardson EIGHTY percent of Saudi Arabian families get...

Dow and DuPont Make Major Job Cuts
25th October 2012 by

Dupont’s Ellen Kullman   By John Richardson Dow Chemical’s decision to cut 2,400 jo...

Saudi Aramco, Dow, Shell, IEA To Speak At Berlin Conference
16th October 2012 by

Next month’s World Aromatics conference is a must-attend event for anyone involved with the in...

Saudi Arabia’s New Export Challenge
11th October 2012 by

Source of picture: Indiaagrifarms   By John Richardson Saudi Arabia continues to pursue its vis...

Dow: China GDP Growth 3-5 Percent
30th July 2012 by

  By John Richardson DOW Chemical’s Andrew Liveris has changed his views on China as a re...

Dow Sees China Growth Acceleration
30th April 2012 by

By John Richardson DOW Chemical CEO Andrew Liveris said in an earnings call, following the release o...

Petchems And The Non-Profit Motive
2nd February 2012 by

By John Richardson AS the US contemplates raising its ethylene capacity by up to 29 percent by 2017,...

Conventional Thinking Revisited
29th December 2011 by

By John Richardson CONVENTIONAL thinking is that when you have a strong feedstock advantage, you sho...

The Risks For US Petchems
21st December 2011 by

  By John Richardson THE US petrochemicals industry might be in danger of being lured into old ...

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