Boom in petrochemicals demand guaranteed but we must grow sustainably
3rd June 2021 by

  By John Richardson ONE OF THE GREATEST achievements of the last 30 years has been the fall in...

Dow And DuPont: How A Merger Could Work
11th December 2015 by

By John Richardson DOW Chemical and DuPont are companies with tremendous histories. It is no exagger...

What A “Low Growth World” Really Looks Like
29th July 2014 by

By John Richardson ONLY six new  US crackers would be built over the next five years because of ris...

Dow And Commodities-Specialities Integration
29th January 2014 by

  By John Richardson IS diversification itself a problem in commodity chemicals and speciality ...

Dow Chemical And Back To The Future
23rd January 2014 by

By John Richardson HOW the world has changed. Dan Loeb of the Hedge fund, Third Point, wrote in a le...

Credit Tightening The Key For China In 2014
4th December 2013 by

By John Richardson WE have been on a magical mystery tour during the second of half 2013 in an effor...

No Ethylene Margins Peak In 2016
29th October 2013 by

  By John Richardson FORECASTS of European capacity closures and project delays and cancellatio...

US Petchem Feedstock Costs: Not All Gloom for Asia
17th October 2013 by

YESTERDAY we examined some of the factors shaping long-term outlook for polyethylene (PE) exports to...

China PE Demand Up By 13% On Environmental Concerns, Restocking
29th July 2013 by

By John Richardson CHINA’S apparent demand for polyethylene (PE) surged by 13% in January-June thi...

The Saudi Feedstock Debate Intensifies
25th April 2013 by

By John Richardson THE debate about the future competitiveness of Saudi petrochemicals versus the US...

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