Polyethylene, shadow banking and China’s ‘collateral trade’
22nd July 2014 by

The blog’s latest post for the Financial Times, published on the BeyondBrics blog is below. By Pa...

$20tn US, China stimulus and lending – but recovery elusive
21st July 2014 by

Despite all the positive headlines, the world’s two largest economies have failed to deliver...

The €2bn WiFi company that wasn’t
10th July 2014 by

Blog readers often travel a lot.  And they certainly use WiFi.  So here’s a question: Q.  D...

Do you know where your polyethylene is in China?
8th July 2014 by

In the late 1970s and early 1980s, New York Mayor Ed Koch fronted a series of public service TV comm...

Will 2014 be a repeat of 2008, but worse?
7th July 2014 by

Will 2014 turn out to be a repeat of 2008 for the US economy? 6 years ago, after all, not a single ...

‘Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble’ as China, West’s policy diverge
23rd June 2014 by

Sometimes its good to take a step back from the day-to-day markets, and focus on the bigger picture....

China’s earthquake opens fault-lines in debt-fuelled ‘ring of fire’
19th June 2014 by

We can all hope that China’s ‘collateral trade’ turns out not to be as big a probl...

China’s commodity imports have financed its property bubble
17th June 2014 by

Today, the blog launches a major new Research Note in the ‘Your Compass on China’ series...

“Investors retreat as deflation fears rise”
19th May 2014 by

The blog’s important eBook, ‘Boom, Gloom and the New Normal: How Ageing Western BabyBo...

Geopolitics lead to Boom/Gloom Index tumble after record high
5th May 2014 by

The IeC Boom/Gloom Index (blue column) proved its value again last month.  It shot to a new record...

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