Paradigm shifts create Winners and Losers
20th October 2019 by

MY ANNUAL BUDGET OUTLOOK WILL BE PUBLISHED NEXT WEEK Next week, I will publish my annual Budget Outl...

Chemical output signals trouble for global economy
4th November 2018 by

A petrochemical plant on the outskirts of Shanghai. Chinese chemical industry production has been ne...

Budgeting for the end of “Business as Usual”
28th October 2018 by

Companies and investors are starting to finalise their plans for the coming year.  Many are assumin...

High-flying “story stocks” hit air pockets as credit finally tightens
29th July 2018 by

“Nobody could ever have seen this coming” is the normal comment after sudden share price...

China’s lending bubble is history
27th May 2018 by

As China’s shadow banking is reined in, the impact on the global economy is already clear, as ...

Chart of the Year: Bitcoin, the logical end for stimulus policies
18th December 2017 by

Last year it was the near-doubling in US 10-year interest rates.  In 2015, it was the oil price fal...

China’s lending bubble sees Beijing home prices jump 63%
17th April 2017 by

Greed and fear are the primary emotions driving China’s housing and auto markets today, as Chi...

US watchdog warns on today’s “quicksilver markets”
23rd March 2015 by

What could go wrong in today’s financial world?  Many stock markets in the West are hitting...

The Great Unwinding of policymaker stimulus has begun
18th August 2014 by

Large economies are like supertankers.  There are no brakes to use if you want to change direction ...

Dow’s CEO says “pre-2008 economy was a bubble”
28th July 2014 by

Now its official.  Andrew Liveris, Dow CEO, told CNBC last week that the “pre-2008 economy wa...

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