Will 2014 be a repeat of 2008, but worse?
7th July 2014 by

Will 2014 turn out to be a repeat of 2008 for the US economy? 6 years ago, after all, not a single ...

Nobody realised the BabyBoom had happened till long after it finished
21st November 2013 by

Milton Friedman received a Nobel Prize for economics in 1976, partly on the basis of his analysis th...

Ethylene demand weak as eurozone flirts with recession and deflation
19th November 2013 by

So this is as good as it gets in 2013.  That seems to be the sad conclusion from analysis of Q3 ope...

Investors decide central banks may not know what they are doing
30th September 2013 by

The blog was speaking last week at the major Euromoney investor conference on bond markets.  It fol...

Key China data suggest economic growth already less than 5%
6th August 2013 by

China’s economy is continuing to slow, as the new leadership takes power.  As the chart shows...

Drug supplies cut to Greece as capital controls return to Europe
3rd April 2013 by

Don’t be surprised if your finance team starts working even longer hours over the next few wee...

S&P 500 hits new record as Kem One files for bankruptcy
1st April 2013 by

The divergence between the real world and financial markets was sharply clarified last week: • The...

Demand weakness spreads across Europe and Asia
25th March 2013 by

The blog was in sober mood when giving its usual New Year Outlook in January, warning that “re...

Lanxess temporarily closes plants, as demand remains slow
11th March 2013 by

Chemical markets continue to paint a very worrying picture of the state of the global economy. There...

Company results show few signs of any upturn
2nd March 2013 by

Economic recovery is already underway, according to the optimists who have bid up financial markets ...

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