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Polyethylene Pricing Separates From Fundamentals

By John Richardson

Linear-low density polyethylene (LLDPE) pricing in China has become increasingly divorced from industry fundamentals as a result of the growing role of the Dalian Commodity Exchange’s futures contract, claimed a Singapore-based polyolefin trader late last week.

And …

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China PE To Grow By 35% – Latest ’09 Forecast


Money to be made, or saved, again?…..

Source of picture: www.evworld.com


After last week’s estimates, a big producer (who wishes to remain anonymous) has given us his forecasts for the strength of 2009 growth in demand for polyolefins in …

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The Immediate Dubai Impact

On A Very Sticky Wicket




By John Richardson

As one my colleagues said – it’s a good job the US stock markets were closed for Thanksgiving.

Lots of efforts are being made to talk the Dubai World …

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Crude, Demand Destruction & Irresponsible Bankers


Source of picture: www.walletpop.com



By John Richardson

In his own words Paul Hodges of International e-Chem – and also a fellow blogger – puts in a nutshell some of the dangers confronting the chemicals industry as we …

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US Dollar Carry Trade Threat To Chemicals

Stay cool and don’t panic!

Source of picture: www.wired.com



By John Richardson

THE growth of the carry trade US dollars – leading to a sharp depreciation of the greenback and possibly of many other unintended consequences – represents …

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Naphtha Highest Level For More Than A Year

 Shelf-space to be in short supply again?

Source of picture: www.zrdata.com


ASIAN naphtha prices hit their highest level for more than a year yesterday – reaching $701/tonne CFR Japan for second-half December open-spec material on “improved market conditions”.

Earlier this …

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Some Very Crude Perceptions

Source of picture: www.prisonplanet.com



Misleading perceptions can be very dangerous – especially when they apply to the crude-oil futures markets.

“The price has more than doubled this year partly because of the belief that the recovery in Chinese …

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To Cut Rates Or Not To Cut…

A Famous Ditherer

Source of picture: sarafinewordpress.com


Chasing higher oil prices and/or a response to the now long-running recovery in Chinese demand that’s become sustainable?

Not wanting to sound too much like the start of a famous Shakespeare soliloquy, …

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China’s chemical imports up – again!

By John Richardson

We don’t have the actual data yet (hopefully, we’ll be able to give you the numbers later this week), but……

……China’s commodity chemicals and polymer imports “continued to amaze” in September with monoethylene glycol (MEG) shipments hitting …

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How ridiculous does ridiculous have to get?


Source of picture: New York Daily News


How ridiculous does crude-oil pricing have to become before regulatory reforms occur that limit the role of financial speculation in a helpful way?

This was …

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