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US Polyolefins Confront Tough H2

Source of picture: www.usaembassy.com



By John Richardson

THE US poyolefins industry has enjoyed a remarkable recovery since the depths of the financial crisis thanks to major feedstock advantages in polyethylene (PE) and the rebound in the domestic economy.…

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Polyethylene And Alice In Wonderland


Source of picture: the-office.com



By John Richardson

A FURTHER illustration of the Alice in Wonderland world of financial investors versus the fundamentals of real demand was provided by the Dalian Commodity Exchange earlier this week.

“Some investment …

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China PE, PP Production Up By 30%

By John Richardson and Malini Hariharan

CHINA’S polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) production surged in January-June this year as imports remained strong and demand growth declined, according to the Shanghai-based commodity information service, CBI.

Hopes being expressed that pricing might …

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Ethylene Margins Plunge On PE Rate Cuts

By John Richardson

THE steep decline in Asian ethylene margins – detailed in the chart below from the ICIS pricing weekly margin report – seems to be largely the result of the worrying state of China’s polyethylene (PE) market, which …

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China PE Market Falls Prey To The Speculators…..


By John Richardson

THE sharp fall in polyethylene (PE) pricing in China is being blamed on speculative acquisition of cargoes by traders in March and a rise in local production.

Apparent consumption (imports plus local production) is reported to …

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Financial Sector Fear Looms Large

By John Richardson

WE will explore the following issues in a lot more detail over the coming days, assuming that the crude and financial market turmoil continues.

But for now here follows the interpretation of the crisis from a source with …

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Chemicals Face More Financial Sector Damage

Greed definitely not good for chemicals….

Source of picture: reelmovienews.com


By John Richardson

THE chemicals industry is once again confronting the risk of being badly damaged by the ever-more interconnected oil, other hard commodity, currency and equity markets.

As …

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Commodity Stockpiles A Risky Bet


By John Richardson

Inventories of copper, aluminium, lead and nickel have risen as prices for all these commodities have also surged, says this article in The Economist.


Source of graph: The Economists


Copper stocks total half a …

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Douple-dip Appears To Have Begun

By John Richardson

The start of the next dip in what this blog has long thought would be a double-dip economic crisis looks as if it could have begun.

If not now, it’s going to happen at some point because …

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The Dangers Of A Three-Year-Old’s Attention Span

“Hello everybody – welcome to the island of Sodor. Time to flip your positions’

Source of picture: www.dragoart.com

By John Richardson

MY three-year-old son has, quite rightly, an incredibly short attention span. A child of that age should be overwhelmed …

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