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China’s Intellectual Property Challenge

Wen Jiabao – stepping down

Source of picture: KeystoneUSA-ZUMA/Rex Features 


In the last of our series of posts on China’s leadership handover, which begins today as the 18th Party Congress meets, we look at intellectua property rights protection.  

By John …

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China: Consumption And Hot Air

Source: New York Times


By John Richardson

TALK of a billion plus Western-style consumers is nothing more than hot air, with the temperature maintained by the financial sector eager to sell you its products.

The reality is very different, …

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China Leadership: Nobody Has A Clue

By John Richardson

THE blog has spent a great deal of time talking to lots of people, and reading everything it can get its hands on, concerning China’s leadership handover and has reached one overwhelming conclusion: Nobody has a clue. …

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