Asian Chemical Connections

BASF Highlights Changes In Growth
3rd June 2012 by

  Martin Brudermüller Source of picture: BASF   By John Richardson “THE struggle ov...

China PE Demand Falls Six Percent
27th May 2012 by

By John Richardson The 6% decline in apparent polyethylene (PE) demand in China from January to Apri...

APIC: A Sense Of Shock
22nd May 2012 by

  By John Richardson ANOTHER theme that emerged from last week’s Asia Petrochemical Indus...

Chems Trade Finance Threat
16th April 2012 by

By John Richardson NEW banking regulations could severely restrict the ability of small and medium-s...

Petchems And The Non-Profit Motive
2nd February 2012 by

By John Richardson AS the US contemplates raising its ethylene capacity by up to 29 percent by 2017,...

There Is No Going Back
2nd September 2011 by

By John Richardson “IF we build polymer capacity in India the demand will come,” a very ...

Petronas set to unveil new refinery and petchem venture
12th May 2011 by

By Malini Hariharan Malaysia’s Petronas is expected to soon announce plans for a new refinery ...

Petronas gets busy
24th January 2011 by

By Malini Hariharan How many projects is Petronas Chemical planning? Last week the blog had covered ...

Petronas mulls cracker at Kerteh
17th January 2011 by

By Malini Hariharan There is finally some movement at Petronas. After last month’s joint annou...

Polyolefins Supply Surge Warning – Yet Again
2nd November 2010 by

By John Richardson A GREAT deal more polyolefins supply is expected to hit the Asian markets over th...

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