Policymakers’ faith in US Confidence Index badly misplaced
30th November 2013 by

There was an interesting discussion at our annual conference last week about the relevance of correl...

EU, US caustic soda output slows as China’s exports rise
28th November 2013 by

Chlorine and caustic soda are some of the most widely used chemicals.  Thus their performance is a...

China focuses on the need for jobs, as Western companies reshore production
27th November 2013 by

Its all about jobs.  That’s the clear message from this month’s critical Economic Plenu...

Iran talks offer hope on oil prices
26th November 2013 by

Iran has been at the centre of all the major oil market price spikes in the past few decades: Toda...

Growth remains below SuperCycle trend, whilst debt is building
25th November 2013 by

Whisper it quietly, so as not to disturb policymakers’ dreams.  But the charts above from th...

Scotland launches industrial biotech strategy
23rd November 2013 by

Development is clearly hotting up in the industrial biotech area.  The key is the increasing demand...

Nobody realised the BabyBoom had happened till long after it finished
21st November 2013 by

Milton Friedman received a Nobel Prize for economics in 1976, partly on the basis of his analysis th...

Benzene markets suggest BabyBoomer growth will not reappear
20th November 2013 by

Benzene has always been one of the blog’s favourite leading indicators for the global economy....

Ethylene demand weak as eurozone flirts with recession and deflation
19th November 2013 by

So this is as good as it gets in 2013.  That seems to be the sad conclusion from analysis of Q3 ope...

Record $142m for Bacon work shows markets now in “melt-up stage”
18th November 2013 by

The blog is actually a fan of the artist Francis Bacon, and it rather likes the above painting of hi...

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