Why it is obvious few, in any, conventional steam crackers will start-up after 2030
7th February 2021 by

By John Richardson I SAID TO a contact earlier this week that it was remarkable that a senior execut...

The new oil shocks: semiconductor supply shortages threaten the global economy
2nd February 2021 by

By John Richardson HIGH VALUE semiconductors, which are defined as five nanometres (billionths of a ...

China’s economic dominance carries many short and long-term risks for petrochemicals
19th January 2021 by

By John Richardson JUST 5% of US companies with revenues of more than $500m plan to relocate operati...

Petrochemical companies must invest more in new methods of assessing demand
17th January 2021 by

By John Richardson INVESTORS must look beyond measures of GDP growth if they are going to understand...

The energy transition and how it will define tomorrow’s petrochemical Winners
12th January 2021 by

    By John Richardson MOST OF the time historical events move at a snail’s pace. The me...

Collapsing battery costs point to ever-declining forecasts for oil demand
5th January 2021 by

By John Richardson THE END of the oil age is arriving. Sooner than many people think, demand for oil...

Sustainability means reducing carbon emissions as well as plastic waste
22nd December 2020 by

By John Richardson THIS IS VERY much a personal plea to our industry about what I see as the biggest...

Risks ahead for global polypropylene much greater than for polyethylene
15th December 2020 by

By John Richardson THERE SEEMS to be few risks ahead for the global polyethylene (PE) market over th...

Sustainability, the pandemic, demographics and geopolitics – how petchem companies respond will define their success
1st December 2020 by

Just to stress again that this blog represents my personal views and not those if ICIS. By John Rich...

Exporters of PP and SM to China seem to have options other than shutdowns, but not PX exporters
29th November 2020 by

By John Richardson DIFFICULT choices lie ahead for exporters of polypropylene (PP), styrene monomer ...

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