Asian Chemical Connections

Oil at $58-69 over next year as focus switches to demand
11th February 2019 by

Guest blogger today is again Ajay Parmar in the second his posts. He is a chemical engineering profe...

In One Simple Chart: The Risk For Petchems From Crude
26th January 2018 by

By John Richardson Sometimes a simple chart is worth hundreds of words. A lot less than hundreds of ...

2018 Oil and Petchems: Risk Of Mistaking Apparent For Real Demand
5th January 2018 by

By John Richardson PERHAPS the most important recent single paragraph of analysis, in the huge volum...

Crude Drives Asian Polyethylene Spreads To Three-Year Low As 2018 Risks Build
4th December 2017 by

By John Richardson IN MARCH 2016 we gave three scenarios for crude-oil prices: Collapsing Demand whe...

Asian Polyethylene Producers: What You Must Do Now $70 Crude Is More Likely
8th November 2017 by

By John Richardson THE facts on the ground in global crude markets have shifted even further in just...

Crude Oil Prices In 2018: Impact On Naphtha-Based Polyethylene
6th November 2017 by

  By John Richardson I WILL explain the full significance of the above charts for the Asian and...

Why Oil Prices Could Be At $35/bbl Or Lower By Q4
29th May 2017 by

Saudi Arabia and the rest of OPEC may regret their decison to cut production, as this has led to a r...

China Crude Imports: Low Growth Could Again Mean Fall In Oil Prices
31st March 2017 by

By John Richardson RIGHT now, of course, oil prices are on the up again because of disruptions to Li...

Bricklaying In Australia And Oil Prices: Important Similarities
9th December 2016 by

By John Richardson THE bricklayer came around to my house three years ago, quickly surveyed the exte...

Oil Prices Over The Next Six Months: What You Need To Know
7th November 2016 by

By John Richardson SURPRISED by the latest decline in crude prices following the US Energy Administr...

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