Benzene challenges financial markets’ rosy view of the outlook
21st October 2013 by

This is Budget week, when the blog prepares to present its Budget Outlook for 2014-16.  On Saturday...

2014 Budgets need to abandon hopes of Supercycle return
19th October 2013 by

Next week the blog will publish its 6th annual Budget Outlook, covering the 2014-2016 period.   ...

Shell, Bayer, Tullow to speak at World Aromatics conference
17th October 2013 by

Next month’s World Aromatics and Derivatives Conference in Brussels has a range of top-name sp...

High-frequency trading continues to take markets higher
16th October 2013 by

The blog was very pleased to see the Nobel Prize awarded jointly to Robert Shiller, whose words of w...

The end of constant economic growth
15th October 2013 by

You can’t turn 55-year-olds back into 30-year-olds.  That, in a nutshell, is why today’s global...

Recovery has been delayed, again
14th October 2013 by

Recovery has been delayed, again.  That is the clear message from the blog’s extensive discu...

The eurozone debt crisis is no nearer solution
12th October 2013 by

The Eurozone crisis has been quiet since the summer of 2012, as the markets waited for the German e...

“We really see retirement as the next big financial crisis”
10th October 2013 by

How much money will you actually get when you retire?  And how secure will that income be? Slowly b...

Turkey an export battleground for PVC as China slows
9th October 2013 by

Turkey has always been one of the blog’s favourite markets, when it wants to understand what i...

Women now have half the number of children compared to 1950
8th October 2013 by

Demographics drive demand.  Developments since 1950 are thus creating massive and unprecedented ch...

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