US becomes ‘The Snail Economy’ as its population ages
31st October 2013 by

There comes a moment in a debate when the argument is clearly won, and discussion moves on to practi...

A little bit of China stimulus goes a long way in housing
30th October 2013 by

It was only a “mini-stimulus” that was delivered by China’s new leaders in July. ...

Lessons from Grangemouth – how Europe can revive its industrial base
29th October 2013 by

Sometimes a crisis can concentrate minds on one key issue.  This was certainly the case last week, ...

China’s polyester market warns of demand weakness ahead
28th October 2013 by

Something very important seems to be happening in China’s polyester’s markets. The blo...

Budgeting for a VUCA world
26th October 2013 by

“I use the term VUCA to describe the world – volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. It ...

India’s onion harvest boosts auto sales: Japan’s sales gently decline
25th October 2013 by

The blog’s pre-Budget Outlook review of the major auto markets concludes today with Japan and ...

US auto market driven by used car sales trends
24th October 2013 by

September wasn’t such a good month for US auto sales, as the chart shows.  It was the first t...

Grangemouth closure could force downstream converters to shut
23rd October 2013 by

  One never wants to see a major petchem plant shutdown, especially one with the history of Gra...

European auto markets head in a new direction
23rd October 2013 by

The European auto market continues at 20-year lows, with sales down 4% in January – Septembe...

China’s auto sales rise as bank lending booms
22nd October 2013 by

Autos are now the largest single manufacturing industry in the world.  Not only do they directly an...

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