Chemicals and the Economy

Time to recognise the economic impact of ageing populations
10th June 2018 by

Is global economic growth really controlled by monetary policy and interest rates?  Can you create ...

Chemicals flag rising risk of synchronised global slowdown
29th April 2018 by

Chemicals are easily the best leading indicator for the global economy.  And if the global economy ...

Economy faces slowdown as oil/commodity prices slide
12th February 2018 by

Oil and commodity markets long ago lost contact with the real world of supply and demand. Instead, t...

US Treasury benchmark yield heads to 4% as 30-year downtrend ends
22nd January 2018 by

The US 10-year Treasury bond is the benchmark for global interest rates and stock markets.  And for...

$1.8tn of stimulus later, Japan’s household spending unchanged
11th March 2016 by

3 years of massive stimulus spending in Japan has had no impact on the problem it was supposed to so...

US economy’s demographic dividend is fast turning into a deficit
8th May 2015 by

My new post for the Financial Times FT Data blog discusses how the ageing of the US population is cr...

Ageing UK households’ impact on growth
30th January 2015 by

My new post for the Financial Times FT Data blog highlights how household spending is very dependent...

Ageing consumers from Chile to China need affordable, quality goods and services
25th September 2014 by

The New Old 55+ generation is the key demographic for future consumer spending.  Their numbers are ...

China Transformation webinar tomorrow
8th September 2014 by

Today is Mid-Autumn Festival day in China, held to celebrate the harvest.  Traditionally it feature...

US, Japan consumer spend falls, deflation threatens Eurozone
1st September 2014 by

We are now two-thirds of the way through 2014, and critical decisions are looming for companies and ...

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