Can polymers rescue the Mile High Club?

Maybe Singapore airlines has got the wrong end of the stick by trying to ban first class passengers in their new cabins in the sky from indulging in a little hanky panky.
Perhaps the answer is to equip the walls …

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I wish the energy game were as simple as this…..

Click on the link here for a virtual way of boosting your green credentials without having to recycle one actual plastic bag, being knocked into the gutter by a gargantuam-bellied white van driver while cycling to work or cancelling one …

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Will the next World War be over water?

Please read this –

Don’t worry, just keep concentrating on the short term – after all, all you have to do is keep your boss happy and make it through to retirement with loads of money in the bank.…

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Is your glass half empty of half full?

Hopefully, completely empty if you happen to live in China and can only afford to drink tap water.

However, it’s not the environment that this is this week being viewed as the biggest threat to the economy, but rather inflation …

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There’ s no hope for the planet

If anybody can spot the blatant hypocrisy, or disturbing ignorance, which is a prominent feature of the extended entry below, please feel free to comment.

I expect the guy from Hood River will want to have his say.…

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A load of bull or rational exuberance?

I was in India this week as the Times of India carried a front page cartoon of a bull dressed in a Superman outfit with an ‘S’ on his shirt to mark the Sensex surging past 20,000. All the talk …

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Is the world heading for a naphtha crisis?

Quite possiby says International e-Chem and Wood Mackenzie in a new study which predicts that by 2015, China could have a deficit of as much as 35m tonnes.

When you consider that total global output is around 300m tonne/year, this …

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More arguments against M-E price setting

The article below, from Sean Milmo of ICB, makes the case that the Middle East will not be able or willing to lead pricing in Europe during the next downturn because of the control that European producers will be able …

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The idiocy and hypocrisy of biofuels

I am having a go at the US here (see article below) – a pretty big target – but don’t worry, Asia is the next in line on this blog: the opportunistic, shallow and downright unpleasant palm oil-based biodiesel industry …

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The Middle East may set polyolefins pricing

This was the warning from Bob Bauman of Nexant ChemSystems at last week’s 25th Annual Petrochemical Conference in Houston, Texas.

Read below for some rather gloomy predictions of where markets could be heading in 2011-12

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