China will create petrochemicals deflation with the only question being how
16th May 2021 by

By John Richardson THE FEEDBACK I have received on my series of posts about the potential for rapidl...

Making all the stuff the world needs in sustainable ways is our defining challenge
28th February 2021 by

By John Richardson YOU ARE a global petrochemicals producer either headquartered in Europe or with m...

Exporters of PP and SM to China seem to have options other than shutdowns, but not PX exporters
29th November 2020 by

By John Richardson DIFFICULT choices lie ahead for exporters of polypropylene (PP), styrene monomer ...

Asian PE and PP margins at lowest levels in at least five years and will go lower……
4th December 2019 by

By John Richardson NOT since at least the beginning of 2014 have Northeast and Southeast Asian polye...

Global polyethylene: Supply is not the problem, it is demand
24th June 2019 by

By John Richardson WHEN people talk about supply it is very often because it is much easier to quant...

European Political Suicide Seems Unlikely
29th June 2014 by

By John Richardson For once, we are not going to talking about demand but will instead focus only on...

China’s About Turn: The Seven Global Implications
4th February 2014 by

By John Richardson HISTORIANS will end up concluding that falling emerging market currencies and sto...

Running Away From Complexity
14th July 2013 by

  By John Richardson TWO-and-half years ago, the blog was told of a struggling Shanghai shoe-re...

Asia Faces More Asset Bubbles
19th September 2012 by

Marc Faber Source of picture: By John Richardson RE...

Saudi Worries About China Netbacks
15th May 2012 by

    By John Richardson Here is the first of a three blog posts on what is happening in Chi...

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