Asian Chemical Connections

US Housing Recovery? What Recovery?
4th November 2013 by

  By John Richardson A SUSTAINED US housing recovery is vital for the global petrochemicals ind...

China Market Intelligence Still Contradicts PE Demand Rise
27th August 2013 by

By John Richardson The debate continues as to exactly why polyethylene (PE) apparent demand (domesti...

Recovery? What Recovery?
1st November 2012 by

By John Richardson CHINA’S apparent demand for polyethylene (PE), which is a measure of local ...

Asian LDPE Margins Reach New Low
19th August 2012 by


US Targets China VAT Rebates
24th June 2012 by

                 Mitt Rom...

Canton Trade Fair Disappoints
7th May 2012 by

  By John Richardson THE total value of export orders at the latest Canton Trade Fair, which fi...

The H2 Recovery Story
20th April 2012 by

By John Richardson THE majority of chemicals analysts have yet to wake up and smell the coffee, acco...

India demand slides for PVC and PS
6th February 2012 by

By Malini Hariharan The last year has been rough for Indian polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and polystyrene...

The Planning Process Gets Harder
8th December 2011 by

By John Richardson EARLIER this week we talked about the possibility that China might devalue the Yu...

Structural Threats To 2012 China Rebound
17th October 2011 by

By John Richardson SERIOUS structural problems with China’s economy threaten another disappoin...

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