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China Has No Reason To Increase Credit

By John Richardson A FEW hours ago, the blog was so distressed when we read the argument that a 13-month low for consumer-price inflation in February gave China justification to ease lending conditions that we spluttered coffee on to the hotel sofa where we were sitting. Sure, China might indeed “blink” again, which remains the […]

China’s Sandwich Generation Revisited

By John Richardson THE sandwich generation in China, those too rich to qualify for social housing but also too poor to pay for ridiculously-overpriced private accommodation in the first-tier cities, is becoming increasingly disillusioned. “We are really tired of claims that inflation is under control, when, in fact, the real inflation numbers are much higher […]

It Is Just Too Difficult

Smart bottles   By John Richardson THERE is a growing concern amongst some polyolefin industry executives that, despite the economic problems first in China and now India, there is still a great deal of enthusiasm for adding new capacity, as we discuss in this ICIS Insight article. “Now that China has weakened, everybody has switched […]

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