BASF’s shocking Q2 results should have been no shock at all
9th July 2019 by

y John Richardson NOBODY should be surprised by the BASF results for Q1 2019 where, on a year-on-yea...

China PE demand boom will not stop further margin declines
10th May 2019 by

By John Richardson CHINA’S polyethylene (PE) market is being temporarily weighed down by overstock...

Growth in China second hand car market driven by ageing population
22nd March 2019 by

By John Richardson CHINA will become a country of a billion plus Western-style middle class consumer...

China’s January credit surge: Case for one-off panic, no new global economic boom
6th March 2019 by

By John Richardson CHINA’S HUGE January credit increase might be the start of a new round of major...

Surge in China lending could lead to global economic rebound, stronger chemicals demand
27th February 2019 by

By John Richardson CHINA may have pressed the panic button again. If the extraordinary rise in Janua...

US PE margins have further to fall on higher production, China weakness
18th February 2019 by

By John Richardson THE WORST is over for the margin depletion that’s been experienced by US PE pro...

China full-year lending decline confirms that Fed pause is a sideshow
15th January 2019 by

By John Richardson CHINA’S full-year 2018 lending figures are out and they underline what I’d be...

Nothing the Fed can do to stop China causing a global recession
20th December 2018 by

By John Richardson US stock markets yesterday demonstrated their worst negative reaction to a US Fed...

China Has No Reason To Increase Credit
10th March 2014 by

By John Richardson A FEW hours ago, the blog was so distressed when we read the argument that a 13-m...

China’s Sandwich Generation Revisited
10th July 2013 by

By John Richardson THE sandwich generation in China, those too rich to qualify for social housing bu...

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