China ethylene glycols and paraxylene: new 2021-2031 import scenarios as self-sufficiency threat increases
8th April 2021 by

By John Richardson WHEN I WAS a boy in 1970s Britain, a new pair of shoes was an expensive propositi...

Making all the stuff the world needs in sustainable ways is our defining challenge
28th February 2021 by

By John Richardson YOU ARE a global petrochemicals producer either headquartered in Europe or with m...

China’s PP imports in 2021 could fall by as much as 53% over last year
21st February 2021 by

By John Richardson TODAY I get closer to completing my outlooks for China’s petrochemical and poly...

Petrochemicals and demand: a deer caught in the headlights
11th February 2021 by

By John Richardson THE THING is, as I discussed in my 9 February blog post, we simply do not have ou...

China paraxylene imports may be just 6.6m tonnes in 2021 – 58% lower than only three years ago
4th February 2021 by

By John Richardson PLEASE DON’T say I didn’t tell you. Further big declines  in China’s parax...

Vaccine nationalism and lack of debt relief remain major threats to petchem growth
27th January 2021 by

By John Richardson WE LIVE in a highly interconnected world as this statistic underlines: of the $18...

Sustainability, the pandemic, demographics and geopolitics – how petchem companies respond will define their success
1st December 2020 by

Just to stress again that this blog represents my personal views and not those if ICIS. By John Rich...

Vaccines, petrochemicals demand and a much more complex world
10th November 2020 by

By John Richardson WE DIDN’T used to require expert knowledge of vaccines, epidemiology, political...

China’s booming polypropylene demand in 2020 and what could happen next year
9th November 2020 by

By John Richardson IT has been a year that just about nobody in the Asian polypropylene (PP) industr...

Developing world polymers demand unlikely to see quick rebound
20th September 2020 by

By John Richardson THIS IS a tragedy in the genuine sense of the word, not just in the so-often misu...

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