Asian Chemical Connections

Trade war dangers for US polyethylene re-emerge as talks appear to flounder
8th February 2019 by

          By John Richardson ONLY YESTERDAY just about everyone I spoke to ...

India’s Republic Day: Just Think What Can Be Achieved
26th January 2015 by

By John Richardson TODAY is Republic Day in India and so I hope that what comes next will not be see...

Chemical Sales, Capital Spending In A Weaker Oil-Price World
15th January 2015 by

By John Richardson THE above chart shows the top 23 of the latest ICIS Top 100 ranking of global che...

Searching For A Manufacturing Revival
28th October 2013 by

By John Richardson WALK into any airport bookshop and you will see shelf after shelf full of managem...

Generic Strategies No Longer Good Enough
4th September 2013 by

By John Richardson DURING the economic Supercycle life was easy for chemicals companies. Strong and ...

Innovation: No More Time Left To Lose
11th March 2013 by

   Source of picture:    By John Richardson MY colleague Ni...

Planning For New Growth Patterns
31st October 2012 by

By John Richardson “Have you noticed that your parents spend less money than you do?” as...

Dow and DuPont Make Major Job Cuts
25th October 2012 by

Dupont’s Ellen Kullman   By John Richardson Dow Chemical’s decision to cut 2,400 jo...

The End Of Growth
10th October 2012 by

By John Richardson OUR e-book, Boom Gloom & The New Normal, is a set of ideas meant to challenge...

China Politics
16th July 2012 by

In the last of our series of blog posts on some of the major challenges facing China’s economy...

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