Asian Chemical Connections

Next Polyethylene Downcycle: Risk That History Will Repeat Itself
20th October 2017 by

By John Richardson WE can break the history of the global polyethylene (PE) business so far this cen...

Four Billion Tonnes of Plastic Waste And Counting: The Threat To Petchems Growth
2nd October 2017 by

By John Richardson THE world will have produced a total of 6.9bn tonnes of the 11 synthetic polymers...

Peak Oil Demand Opportunities For Petchems Are Being Over-Hyped
22nd September 2017 by

By John Richardson THERE is a lot of excitement about new petrochemicals feedstock opportunities res...

China, China And China: The Three Drivers Of Global Styrene
4th September 2017 by

By John Richardson THE DATA on global polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) undermine the notion ...

China Drives 58% Of Global PP Growth, So What’s Your Plan B?
18th August 2017 by

By John Richardson THIS IS a great example of putting most of your eggs in one basket! Polypropylene...

Stock Market Threats Far Wider Than Just North Korea
14th August 2017 by

By John Richardson LAST WEEK’S steep fall in global stock markets was of course the result of risi...

Oil Prices Falling Towards $35 On US Supply, China Demand
19th June 2017 by

WTI continues its journey towards a possible $35/bbl by Q4 of this year on rising US shale-oil pro...

Brexit: Automation Could Replace Many UK Jobs
27th April 2017 by

As immigration declines, labour costs are set to rise. Companies could thus shut down, leave Britain...

US Economy Returns To Weak Growth On Demographics
12th April 2017 by

By John Richardson THE US is a deeply politically divided country to the point where the divisions a...

Western Central Bank Finally Agrees That Ageing Populations Matter
14th October 2016 by

By John Richardson FINALLY – for the first time – one of the major Western central bank...

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