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China GDP Growth 4-5% in 2013-2020

Canton Trade Fair. Source of picture: http://www.vatti-china.com/News/83.htm


By John Richardson

IT would be nice to believe that the improved mood at this week’s Canton Trade Fair represents a long-term turnaround in China’s economic direction.

This reflects a 9.9% increase …

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A Game Of Two Halves

Source: ICIS


By John Richardson

CHINA’S fibre intermediates industry could end of being a game of two halves in 2012, to use an old football (or soccer for the benefit of our America readers) cliché.

The reason is that …

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APIC: A Sense Of Shock


By John Richardson

ANOTHER theme that emerged from last week’s Asia Petrochemical Industry Conference (APIC) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, was the shock at the extent of the price declines in the key China market.

In polyolefins, the slump in …

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China’s Inflation Challenge

By John Richardson

In our third post on the context behind last week’s steep fall in polyolefins prices,and the prospects for a recovery, we look at inflation – one of China’s numerous economic challenges…..I

NFLATION remains a major threat in …

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Why Should Q2 Be Any Better?


By John Richardson

THE question being asked during the first quarter of this year was, “Why shouldn’t Chinese chemicals demand come roaring back after a disappointing 2011?”

The relevant question now, as we move into Q2, is, “Why should …

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Western Chems: Exporting Into More Domestic Trouble?

China’s migrant workers – a risky game…


Source of picture: China Daily



By John Richardson

THIS very disturbing Op-Ed piece by Paul Krugman in the New York Times argues that the US needs to impose a 25% …

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Is China Targeting Polyolefin Re-export Market?

By John Richardson

MORE evidence that China will not remain as easy a sink for surplus polyolefin volumes – especially in the case of the higher-cost importers – is emerging.

“There are plans to open a bonded warehouse in Guangdong province …

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A Chilling Chinese Export Rumour

 “They are so cheap, I might even buy one as a hedge against global warming”

Source of picture: www.formalwilderness.blogspot.com


This blog has spent a lot of time tormenting itself over the sustainability of China’s extraordinary economic rebound during 2009.…

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More Questionable Chinese Data Clouds The Picture

It seems as if Lex of the Financial Times is finally catching up with this blog by questioning the validity of some of the official data coming out of China. We take this as a compliment.

In today’s column it talks about …

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For Hands That Don’t Want To Do Dishes


Buy now, pay later….

Source: www.examiner.com

Note: There is a special prize for the first blog reader who can explain the above headline.


In the 2001 recession, US consumer spending slowed but did not fall, and picked up …

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