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China Manufacturing Relocation Accelerates

Source of graph: Standard Chartered


By John Richardson

WORKING conditions matter as much as higher salaries for China’s emboldened manufacturing workforce, according to this article in the Financial Times.

“As the number of available workers falls, factories struggle not …

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Innovation: No More Time Left To Lose


 Source of picture: http://whyfiles.org/ 


By John Richardson

MY colleague Nigel Davis has written an excellent Insight article which highlights how some chemicals companies are seeking to respond to changing patterns.

As we have discussed before, Bayer Material Science …

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Death By A Thousand Cuts

By John Richardson

COST cutting and disciplined operating rates have been two of the factors that have helped maintain European cracker and polyethylene (PE) profitability at pretty healthy levels since the onset of the global financial crisis in 2008.

So …

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China Govt Confirms Post-CNY Labour Shortages

The great news behind rising labour costs: Shan Dalin, pictured with his family, is a crane operator from Southwest China’s Guizhou province who has worked in eastern Zhejiang province for 10 years. In 2012, Shan’s monthly income rose to 2,800 …

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Ten Solutions For The Global Economy

By John Richardson

LAST week we highlighted how a Boston Consulting Group study has reached many of the same conclusions as our e-book, Boom, Gloom & The New Normal, on the fault lines in the global economy.

Similarly, many of …

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Ponzi Scheme Economics

By John Richardson

AN important study by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) underlines most of the views we put forward in our e-book, Boom Gloom & The New Normal.

“The developed world’s Ponzi scheme is caused by record-high levels of …

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“You Can’t Turn Back The Demographic Tide”


By John Richardson

Our argument ument that demographics drive demand is gaining greater traction.

Demographic challenges apply both to developed markets, where populations are rapidly ageing, and to emerging markets such as China, which confronts ithe consequences of its …

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Average Babyboomer Turns 55

Today is a day for celebration, as it marks the day that the average Western BabyBoomer, born in 1958, will join the New Old 55+ generation! This is a truly remarkable moment. Even 100 years ago, as the chart above …

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US Manufacturing Exam Question

A lot more than just the standard Model T.,,,

Source of picture: cCSU Archv/Everett/Rex Features

By John Richardson

THE question on my exam paper this Monday morning is what this outstanding article by the author, Charles Fishman, in The Atlantic …

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Demographics And Saudi Arabia

Source of picture: Wikimedia Commons

By John Richardson

EIGHTY percent of Saudi Arabian families get by on incomes of less than $3,300 a month, whereas Saudi Aramco makes $900m of profits every day, says Leslie McCune, managing director of the …

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