Asian Chemical Connections

Micro-management gone too far?
8th May 2009 by

micro-management, human resources, APIC, commodity chemicals, CEOs, credit control, financial meltdo...

Is it better to be right for not quite……
29th April 2009 by

……all the right reasons than to be wrong altogether? Sounds a dumb question, perhaps ...

It’s getting darker and darker out there
24th April 2009 by

China's economy, Canton Trade Fair, China unemployment, deflation threat, high inventories, China Da...

Trade protectionism on the rise
4th March 2009 by

antidumping petitions, trade protection, WTO applied and bound tariff rates...

How to make money in a downturn Part 1
9th February 2009 by

John Cusack, Kate Beckinsale, antidumping petitions, trade protection, living in cloud cuckoo land...

It’s tough at the top…….
5th February 2009 by

It’s easy to take pot shots at the boss, and everyone of course feels they have been underprom...

Any spare change, Mister?
9th January 2009 by

Financial Times, LyondellBasell, Federal Reserve, state ownership, Barack Obama, Us stimulus package...

All those wasted lives – but at least you got your bonus
29th October 2008 by

Mr Obscenely Rich Got Out In Tiime Banker, please look into these eyes, see the pain from the last G...

Even Middle East budgets are being cut
21st October 2008 by

Middle East budget cuts, margin slide, financial meltdown, China demand, rising capital costs...

Tainted food hits polymer sales
29th September 2008 by

Cadbury, China civil unrest, financial meltdown, Tainted food...

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